A History of Amherst College

Noah Webster, already well known from his textbooks and dictionaries, played a vital role in fundraising and in shaping the institution. He had served as a trustee of Amherst Academy since its incorporation in 1815, and was president of its Board of Trustees during the critical 1820–21 period, when Amherst College was formed.

A History of the English Department

Following World War II, in 1947, the College instituted a New Curriculum with core requirements, one of which was English 1-2, a two-semester course in Composition for all freshmen. Taught in multiple sections with a common syllabus, the course had no reading component during its first semester, but required students to write a brief paper for every class, three times a week, in response to a sequence of assignments. Selected anonymous student responses were the sole subject of study for most of the course. Its syllabus changed every year and assignments were never repeated.

GIS and Demography: Methods, Analysis, Results

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Teaching History with Geographic Information Systems

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