Before submitting the form below, please take note of the following information:

♦ By filling out and submitting this form, you are permitting us to share your contact information with 2-4 Amherst College students who have signed up to participate in this program.

♦ Many students do not have access to a car.  If you cannot provide transportation (that is, pick up and drop off of students at a common location on campus), or your home is not accessible by public transportation, it will be unlikely that students will be able to join you.

Thank you for your interest in inviting students to your home for a meal over Thanksgiving break!  Students truly enjoy building connections with members of the college community.

Are you able to host students for dinner on Thanksgiving day (Thursday, November 28)? *
If you are not available on Thanksgiving day, which day(s) would you be interested and available to host a meal and a visit to your home?
Unless you specify otherwise, we will only assign you guests for one visit. We are asking about multiple days to facilitate scheduling.

What is the maximum number of students you are willing to host? *

Can you provide transportation from campus to your home and back? *
Can you accommodate vegetarians, vegans, or students who may have other dietary restrictions? *


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Alums Using Social Media to Support Amherst

Kristen Spargo, director of advancement communications at Amherst College, spoke to The Republican (Springfield, MA) of the success the college has had using social media such as Facebook and Twitter for fundraising. Amherst has advertised its annual appeal on Facebook since 2010. “Almost 700 alumni have clicked through to our giving webpage,” she said. Read more here.