"In Memory" Web Site Launched


April 14, 2009 e-News

This online resource—which complements the items in Amherst magazine—enables alumni to post obituaries, remembrances and photos of departed classmates, as well as learn almost immediately of the deaths of fellow graduates.


In Memory

Classmate...........DATE OF DEATH

John H. Broadfoot 55/01/30
James E. Parker, Jr. 57/04/17
Bruce W. Wright 60/02/29
Ulo A. Leopas 62/03/09
William J. Sadlowski 64/03/27
Nicholas T. Stanford 64/07/19
Phillip C. Flayderman 69/05/16
Charles H. Moulton 69/05/26
Thompson H. Elliott 69/09/08
Donald A. Wasie 73/04/24
William G. Wendell 73/04/27
James R. Siris 73/10/17
Thomas F. Nelson 74/02/05
Frank H. Magee 74/11/19
William F. Lusher 75/04/11
David G. Cummings 78/04/20
Timothy W. Greene 78/10/03
James S. DeVitt 79/03/17