Thoughts on Amherst's Future

Letter from Anthony W. Marx September 22, 2006 Dear Alumni and Friends, I write directly for the first time to all alumni and friends because of the important decisions that Amherst now faces. At this juncture in the history of the College, I invite you to join a conversation to set our course for the next generation. From talking with many of you over the past three years, I have heard longstanding questions, including: How will Amherst produce accountable leaders in a period of globalization and accelerating change? How will the College maintain the finest undergraduate experience and its leadership in higher education?

Plans to Renew Amherst's Curriculum

As I noted in my letter, the Amherst faculty has already begun the process of curricular renewal to ensure the best and most coherent education possible for our students, for example by agreeing to set College-wide priorities to help shape the curriculum for years to come. The faculty has also recommended that all Amherst students fulfill a writing requirement and is exploring ways to enhance the curriculum in areas such as quantitative analysis, science for non-majors, the arts, foreign languages, global comprehension and interdisciplinary studies.

Charting a Course for Amherst's Future

Welcome. I encourage you to participate in ongoing discussions about the future direction and priorities of Amherst College. As mentioned in my letter, you can send me your reactions via e-mail to This page will feature my responses to comments and questions from alumni, parents and friends; additional information about emerging initiatives; and related information. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates.