Profiles in Philanthropy: Christine Noyer Seaver '81

Chris Noyer Seaver ’81 was an economics major at Amherst, but she took courses in everything from art history to genetics. She spent four years on the squash team. She also played field hockey, lacrosse and tennis; worked at Valentine and at athletic events; and dabbled in student government and writing for the Amherst Student.

Profiles in Philanthropy: Noah Webster

Noah Webster

Noah Webster, 1823, by Samuel F. B. Morse
Mead Art Museum
Bequest of Waldo Hutchins, Jr. AC 1842

What does Amherst mean to YOU?  

Amherst is an extraordinary institution in large part because of the alumni who have supported the College from its earliest days.  Our 25th Reunion is a defining moment, both for our class and for the institution that brought us together for the first time in the fall of 1987.  Now is our time to support the College as those who came before us supported us.