Fall 2017 Readmission Information 

When you have taken time off from the College for any reason, you must follow specific procedures by certain deadlines in order to return. If you are returning for the fall semester, this form must be submitted by March 1. If you are returning for the spring semester, this form must be submitted by October 15. If you miss these deadlines, you will jeopardize your pre-registration and housing. You  may be put on a wait-list to be housed after everyone who did meet the deadline.  You will not receive information about pre-registration or be able to pre-register if you do not submit this form by the appropriate deadline.

Please note:

Your readmission status is PROVISIONAL and will be finalized once you have successfully fulfilled the requirements outlined by the college for your return. Failure to complete all necessary requirements will result in your provisional status being revoked. Please be sure to review the specific criteria of your individual leave letter. It is recommended that you confirm your formal readmission status BEFORE making travel plans.

If you're returning for the Fall semester, please submit this form by March 1.

If you're returning for the Spring semester, please submit this form by October 15.

This web form works best using Firefox or Safari web browers. Using Internet Explorer is possible, but less efficient, as it may require additional steps. If you're having difficulty submitting the form, contact the Office of Student Affairs at osa-studentenrollment@amherst.edu.

Click on each section to view questions and fill in applicable fields. Click Submit after all relevant information is entered.  Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

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