New York Times: New Angle on an Oft-Visited Nightmare

French professor Leah D. Hewitt commented in this piece on the movie Sarah’s Key and, as the Times reporter put it,  “the often forgotten role the French played in arresting and ultimately dispatching to the death camps nearly 80,000 Jewish men, women and children.” “A lot of things have been done on the German concentration camps,” Hewitt was quoted as saying. “But the French camps have gone under the radar.

New York Times: Top Colleges, Largely for the Elite

In his May 24 column, David Leonhardt described the college’s efforts to recruit more lower- and middle-income students and boost financial aid.

New York Times: A Wife's Influence

A Mead Art Museum exhibition of the work of Orra White Hitchcock, a renowned illustrator and the wife of former Amherst president Edward Hitchcock, was featured in the Times’ Art & Design section. The Springfield Republican newspaper also ran a story on the show.

Ilan Stavans on the Shortening of the Spanish Alphabet

“It’s kind of a magic realist moment. They decide that 2 of 29 letters will disappear,” Ilan Stavans, professor of Latin American and Latino culture, told the New York Times of the development.

Rivalry, the 125th Meeting of the Amherst and Williams Football Teams

In advance of the Amherst-Williams showdown Nov. 13, national commentators with The New York Times, The Boston Globe and the New England Sports Network gave the storied rivalry and historic occasion its due.

Amherst College President Anthony W. Marx Announces His Resignation

Art Professor Carol Clark on Western artist Charles Deas

Carol Clark, William McCall Vickery 1957 Professor of the History of Art and American Studies, was featured in stories in the Denver Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and on

Javier Corrales on Gay Marriage in Argentina

After being quoted on the legalization of gay marriage in Argentina in an article in The New York Times, political science professor Javier Corrales participated in a lengthy discussion about the issue on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth program.

New York Times: Lost in the Clouds?

Philosophy professor Alexander George wrote an eloquent defense for the relevance of the study of philosophy in the New York Times’ Opinionator blog.

Lewis Spratlan's What Dreams May Come

Opera News investigated the lengthy gestation of emeritus music professor Lewis Spratlan’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Life Is a Dream, for which Spanish professor James Maraniss wrote the English-language libretto.