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Hartford Courant: Marx Warns Amherst Grads on Lessons of Rome

Submitted by Paul S. Statt

New York Times: Amherst is Open to Low Incomes

Submitted by Paul S. Statt
Elite Colleges Open New Door to Low-Income Youths
The New York Times, May 27
The discussion in the States of Poverty seminar here at Amherst College was getting a little theoretical. Then Anthony Abraham Jack, a junior from Miami, asked pointedly, “Has anyone here ever actually seen a food stamp?”

IMDiversity.com: Rick Lopez '93 and Ilan Stavans on Latinos in College

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Inside Higher Ed: Marx Calls for "Mobility Based on Merit"

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NPR On Point: Amherst President Marx on Diversity

Submitted by Paul S. Statt
Walter Benn Michaels and "The Trouble with Diversity" NPR "On Point," April 5 Amherst College President Anthony W. Marx appeared as a guest on the NPR call-in talk show "On Point" with Tom Ashbrook. The topic Walter Benn Michaels's polemical The Trouble with Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality (2006).