"Gringo Justice" by Jerry Cohen

Jerry Cohen (AC 1963) Papers

Organizing for Social Justice: the Jerry Cohen '63 Papers

"Why We Boycott" title page

Grape/Skull Design

Artwork used on the cover of the U.F.W. publication "Pesticides: The Poisons We Eat" (1967).

United Farm Workers union flag

Trans.: Long live the strike! Long live the cause!

UFW Legal Department

Left to right: Gloria Perlin, Chuck Farnsworth, David Perlin, Jerry Cohen, Chris Sanchez and David Averbuck. U.F.W. legal department, 1969.

UFW Legal Department

Foreground: César Chávez. Behind him, left to right: unidentified, Dan Boone, unidentified, Tom Dalzell, Sandy Nathan, Jerry Cohen, Glen Rothner, unidentified, Steve Burton, Mike Hueman, Linton Joaquin, George Lazar, Harriet Teller.

Pesticides Hearing, 1973 (2)

At left, Bob Moretti, Speaker of the Assembly; at right, Jerry Cohen. Los Angeles, Calif., February 1973.

Pesticides Hearing, 1973 (1)

At a hearing on the use of "Monitor 4," an insecticide. Seated at left, Ida Honoroff, a consumer advocate; at right, Bob Moretti, Speaker of the Assembly. Los Angeles, Calif., February 1973.