Loneliness as a Way of Life

By Professor of Political Science Thomas Dumm. Harvard University Press.


Reviewed by Rand Richards Cooper ’80

Loneliness as a Way of Life

Loneliness as a Way of Life, a new book by political science professor Tom Dumm, was reviewed by Salon.com, The Los Angeles Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer, among others.

Washington Post: Thinking Alone

In a review in The Washington Post, Steven Moore described Political Science Professor Tom Dumm’s new book, Loneliness as a Way of Life, “not as a self-help book (as its title might suggest) but a carefully nuanced intellectual inquiry.

Amherst College Professor Thomas Dumm Publishes Inquiry into the Nature of Loneliness

October 1, 2008               
Contact: Emanuel Costache ’09
Media Relations Intern

AMHERST, Mass.—Thomas Dumm, professor of political science at Amherst College, has just published Loneliness as a Way of Life ($24, Harvard University Press, 2008), an inquiry into what he calls “modern loneliness,” “loneliness that has permeated the modern world.”