Behind the Glowing Screen

What is the Internet? Andrew Blum ’99—a journalist who writes about architecture and technology—stepped away from his computer and traveled cross-country and across the Atlantic “to understand what is behind the glowing screens.” Among the many places he visited were Facebook’s data center in Oregon and, in Lower Manhattan, a former Western Union building where the cables of different networks physically connect to one another. The result of these travels is his critically acclaimed book Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet.

Amherst Prof Devises First Head-to-Head Speed Test with Conventional Computing, and the Quantum Computer Wins

May 7, 2013 • By Peter Rooney

Catherine McGeoch

AMHERST, Mass.A computer science professor at Amherst College who recently devised and conducted experiments to test the speed of a quantum computing system against conventional computing methods will soon be presenting a paper with her verdict: quantum computing is, “in some cases, really, really fast.”

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Java Information

The department's introductory course (CS11) teaches Java as part of a more general introduction to Computer Science. If you have no experience with programming, CS11 is a good place to start.

If you already know a programming language fairly well and want to learn some Java on your own, we recommend Patrick Henry Winston's book On To Java. It concentrates on what you need to know to get started writing Java programs quickly. It is also inexpensive.

Graduate School

Many of our majors go to graduate school, some in mathematics or computer science, others in other fields. We are frequently asked about the "best" graduate schools. There is not really any way for us to choose the "best," since the best school for you depends on you, your interests and your needs. Some schools are very good in some areas and not in others. Please come talk to us.

Alumni: Recent Theses

Students who write theses spend an entire academic year working on an in-depth study with the help and direction of a faculty member. In addition to writing a thesis, each student gives a seminar late in spring semester. The thesis seminar weeks are busy and exciting times around the department.

Copies of student theses are located in the Seeley Mudd library.

Fall 2007/Spring 2008 Course Catalog

The information below is taken from the printed catalog the college produces each year. For more up to date information, including links to course websites, faculty homepages, reserve readings, and more, use the 'courses' or semester specific link to your left. 05. Demystifying the Internet. This course provides an introductory survey of topics in computer science that are related to the Internet.