Lives of Consequence Surpasses Goal

By Emily Gold Boutilier


Remember October 2008? That was the month after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The stock market seemed to be in free fall, and at least hourly, a news commentator could be heard drawing comparisons to the Great Depression.  

Lives of Consequence: An Update from Campus

Launched in October 2008, the Lives of Consequence campaign has raised over $406 million of its $425 million goal, thanks to the generosity and hard work of alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends—indeed, the entire Amherst community. The following stories reflect the direct and immediate impact of the campaign, sharing the intellectual, personal and professional growth that occurs when members of the Amherst community engage and support each other and the institution.

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Lives of Consequence: An Update from Campus

The Lives of Consequence campaign goes to the very heart of the mission of Amherst College: to educate “men and women of exceptional potential from all backgrounds so that they may seek, value, and advance knowledge, engage the world around them, and lead principled lives of consequence.”

Lives of Consequence: Eric Glustrom and Boris Bulayev

Lives of Consequence

"They own it,” says Catherine Sanderson.

"Teachers teach subjects," says Barry O’Connell, "But they also teach persons."

Barry O'Connell, the James E. Ostendarp Professor of English, with Sarah Perez '11

Two Gifts for the Record Books

College Row

Questions and Answers about the Endowment and Budget

1.  How has the global and U.S. economic downturn affected Amherst College?

Lives of Consequence: David E. Meier '77

imageBy Lee Levison ’77 and Jim Rehnquist ’77