Power to the People

By Peter Rooney

[Buildings] A turn-of-the-century building that once sup­plied power to campus will soon provide much-needed space for dances, meetings, din­ners, movie screenings, art exhibitions, parties and other student activities.

Dubbed the Power House, the brick building on the college’s southeast side will undergo a renovation that will be designed by architects Bruner/Cott (the firm known for designing the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams).

Enlightening the Earth

By Rand Richards Cooper ’80


No single view of the new science center
will disclose its whole shape.

Chicago Tribune: How the Olmsteds and the Chicago world's fair of 1893 gave shape to a small New England college

Blair Kamin ’79, Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic at the Chicago Tribune, posted a talk he gave about Amherst’s architecture in his Skyline blog.