The theater and dance department staged a fall production of Eurydice, a play that reimagines the myth of Orpheus from the perspective of his wife, Eurydice. The playwright, Sarah Ruhl (daughter of the late Patrick Ruhl ’63), was a 2008 Robert Frost Fellow at the Amherst College Library. She came to campus in the last week of rehearsals to work on the production. Lisa Smith ’09 ( below right, holding an umbrella) played Eurydice.

Sarah Ruhl, Robert Frost Fellow, Friends of the Library

November 10-15, 2008

As part of the Fellowship, playwright Sarah Ruhl will be in residence this week, meeting with classes and working on the last phases of the production of Eurydice, an enchanting reimagining of the classic myth of Orpheus, told from the heroine's perspective.