Determining Space Needs

What type of audience do you hope to draw? Younger or older, students, faculty or staff, families, Five College students, faculty or staff, the general public? How many do you expect to attend? What kind of atmosphere does your event call for? A poetry reading may need a relaxed, living-room-type space; a science audience may need a lab; a lecture with video presentation may need a good viewing screen. Media needs can sometimes dictate the type of space you will need.

Possible Event Locations

Spaces to Consider for Events

There are a variety of spaces and locations available on the campus of Amherst College. When selecting space, consider the building, its proximity to other buildings, its position on campus and its accessibility. Consider the type of audience and anticipated number of participants. Consider what kinds of tables and chairs you will need, in what configurations. In some cases, events are held under tents on campus.


Submitted by Douglas E. Weber on Saturday, 2/28/2009, at 2:21 PM

This page is set up to allow people attending the class of 74 reunion to propose and coordinate events outside of the the formal reunion ones. So if someone wanted to do a hike in the Holyoke range, he could propose it here and others who want to attend could use this to coordinate the activity. Have Fun