Tenth Anniversary

The LJST Department recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Below is a list of the events that were held during the celebration. If you would like more information about the department and/or the anniversary celebration, please contact Karen Underwood September 20, 2003 Babbot Room - Octagon 9:45 Coffee and Pastries 10:00 Welcome and Introductions

News & Events


  • John Grotzinger, Fletcher Jones Professor of Geology at California Institute of Technology and Chair of the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, will be gving a talk on Monday, October 22 at 7:30 PM in Paino Lecture Hall
  • Geology Department Cookout: Thursday, Septemper 6, 2018


Neuroscience Senior Comprehensives Instructions

In some years there is a mandatory seminar attendance requirement, students will be informed of this requirement well in advance of their senior fall semester.

Students must also pass a comprehensive examination:

Written Examination. Take a written exam on paper(s) from the recent Neuroscience literature.