When the Rug Doctor Lost His Shadow

By Emily Gold Boutilier

Lindsay Stern ’13 was visiting Amherst during her junior year of high school when she stopped in Northampton with her parents and noticed a storefront awning for “The Rug Doctor.”

“The next morning,” she says, “I wrote a few paragraphs on a rug doctor who loses his shadow.”
That rug doctor is now the main character in Stern’s debut novella, Town of Shadows, published by Scrambler Books last month.

Kendra Stern’s individual win-loss records

50-yard freestyle:      10-0

100-yard freestyle:    15-0

200-yard freestyle:    16-0

500-yard freestyle:    13-2

1,000-yard freestyle:  3-0

50-yard butterfly:       1-0

100-yard butterfly:     4-1

100-yard individual medley:     1-0

200-yard individual medley:     4-0

100-yard backstroke: 0-1

Overall:    67-4

Stern was runner-up in the four races she did not win.

Eight Players to Watch

By Ben Kaplan '09

The 2007-08 winter season ended with two NESCAC titles, one national quarterfinal appearance, a pair of national runner-up finishes and 10 individual national championships. With the new winter season just getting underway, we now present eight athletes—four sophomores and four seniors—whom we expect to have breakout years.