Kendra Stern’s individual win-loss records

50-yard freestyle:      10-0

100-yard freestyle:    15-0

200-yard freestyle:    16-0

500-yard freestyle:    13-2

1,000-yard freestyle:  3-0

50-yard butterfly:       1-0

100-yard butterfly:     4-1

100-yard individual medley:     1-0

200-yard individual medley:     4-0

100-yard backstroke: 0-1

Overall:    67-4

Stern was runner-up in the four races she did not win.

Eight Players to Watch

By Ben Kaplan '09

The 2007-08 winter season ended with two NESCAC titles, one national quarterfinal appearance, a pair of national runner-up finishes and 10 individual national championships. With the new winter season just getting underway, we now present eight athletes—four sophomores and four seniors—whom we expect to have breakout years.