Socrates Citizen

182nd Commencement Address May 25, 2003 Tom Gerety Years ago, when I was in high school in France, I read some Plato and came under the spell of Socrates. I count it as my beginning in the liberal arts. We know there is no endpoint to inquiry or discussion, but still there are markers along the way. You pass one today, and so do I. I return to Socrates as you and I finish up our work together at Amherst.

2002 Convocation Address—Lear’s Wisdom

Convocation Address
September 2, 2002
Tom Gerety

In the last few weeks I have been reading and rereading King Lear, my favorite Shakespeare play since I was in college. It may be that I have been drawn back to it because of its reverberations in our own era — an era, like Lear's, of rage and catastrophes; an era, too, with its bitter taste of tragic despair.