Phebe and Zephaniah Swift Moore Award Nominations

In 1997, Amherst College inaugurated the Phebe and Zephaniah Swift Moore Awards to honor some of this country's outstanding high school teachers. The president's December letter is an invitation to each graduating member of the senior class to nominate a teacher who made an impact on the student's life.

If you remember a secondary school teacher who stands out as deserving of this award, please nominate them.

Each recipient is brought to Amherst as our guest and is honored at Commencement with an honorarium, along with a certificate paying tribute to his or her particular teaching strength. 

To nominate a teacher please complete and submit the form below no later than Friday, February 2. Nominations are authored by one student. If there is a desire by several students to nominate the same teacher, nominations should be separately submitted.

A committee consisting of two faculty members, two administrators and two students from the senior class will make the selections. If you have any questions, please contact Austin Huot, Director of Conferences and Special Events, at

Thank you, graduating seniors for taking the time during a busy semester to help us identify and pay tribute to some of your best teachers.

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In one page or so, explain why the teacher or counselor you are nominating was important in your life – and, if relevant, in the lives of other students. Try to give the Teaching Awards Committee a full sense of your teacher. Brief anecdotes—especially about classroom experiences or teaching style—may be helpful. It would also be helpful to have a sense of the broad impact that the teacher has had on your life, and in other areas (scholarship, leadership, service to the community, etc.). Please note that the committee can only evaluate based on what you write - if there is very little information given, there is very little to evaluate. The Teaching Awards Committee may request additional information about top nominees.

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