Students Learn to LEAD at Campus Conference

Feb. 4, 2009

By Kim Misrahi ’09

“The role of being a leader is not a right, it is a privilege,” speaker and leadership trainer Ed Gerety told a crowd of Amherst students in a keynote speech at the college’s Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Conference on Sunday, Jan. 25.

Amherst College Appoints Special Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct

Submitted on Tuesday, 10/30/2012, at 4:18 PM

October 30, 2012

Peter Rooney
Director of Public Affairs
413/207-4309 (mobile)

AMHERST, Mass. -- Amherst College President Biddy Martin has announced the formation of a new Special Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct charged with making recommendations for improvement in the College’s efforts to prevent and address asexual assault on campus.

How Title IX Changed Everything

What They Are Reading

Suzanne R. Coffey, director of athletics, writes about the books on the table between her favorite chair and the woodstove:

I am most often reading several books simultaneously. The more dog-eared and Post-it-note-marked, the better the read. On the table between my favorite chair and the woodstove, you’ll find Richard Russo’s That Old Cape Magic, Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures and The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance.