Shampoo as a Hidden Threat

What’s Gotten Into Us? Staying Healthy in a Toxic World, by McKay Jenkins ’85 (Random House)

Reviewed by Katherine Jamieson

Cultural Roots

Artist Sonya Clark ’89 uses hair to communicate black history. Her work is on display through mid-May at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York City.

By Katherine Jamieson

Photographer Mary Beth Meehan '89

In her City of Champions project, photographer Mary Beth Meehan returns to her hometown of Brockton, Mass., to document a city that has seen, over the past two decades, rapid deindustrialization and a sharp rise in unemployment and crime.

Comedy and Acting by Matt Besser '89

imageMatt Besser is in a Jack Black film and on Comedy Central

The Guerrilla Film Fest

Founded by John Hanshaw ’89. Washington, D.C.: January 2009 and annually.