Marsh Peters Would Like You to Be on the Reunion Panel

But first, he has to get something off his chest.

By Sarah Miller ’91

The Marx of a Killer

The Marx of a Killer

Article by Katherine Duke '05
Photos by Jessica Mestre '10

On the evening of Dec. 13, I make my way to Keefe Campus Center and follow the signs directing me to the Presidential Candidates’ Dinner. I’m eager to meet some of the people hoping to succeed Tony Marx as the next president of Amherst College, to enjoy a free dinner from a local Italian restaurant and to witness a homicide.

“Comedy as Artistic Strategy”

By Katherine Duke '05

Last month, in Fayerweather, the students in “Comedy as Artistic Strategy” presented what they called their “persona projects”—each had been assigned to create a work of art that centered on a particular persona.

Peak Performances

By Katherine Duke '05

Amherst’s Spring 2010 season of performances is in full swing. In just the past three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in the audience for five very different shows.

Comedy and Acting by Matt Besser '89

imageMatt Besser is in a Jack Black film and on Comedy Central

Mere Entertainment

imageMatt Johnson '10E (with purple glove) and
Adam Barton '11 (with scarf) on stage.

By Sarah Cassel '03