Course Offerings

You need not have studied Japanese before entering Amherst to join our program. Many who do take Japanese here have neither heard nor seen the Japanese language before coming to Amherst. Some may have had a little exposure, and still others may already have taken a few years of Japanese at high school or elsewhere. We welcome all students with different backgrounds in our program.

The Japanese Language Program at Amherst

Among the numerous exciting courses on Japan offered at Amherst College, this page concentrates on the Japanese language courses. If you are interested in learning about any aspects of Japan (e.g. arts, culture, philosophy, religion, literature), you will soon find that knowing the language is one of the most important tools for real understanding of these areas. As cognitive scientists claim, language is the mirror of the mind.


YūshienThe garden is located between Webster Hall and Kirby Theater. To visit the garden, use the western entrance of Webster and follow the signs leading to the garden's location. See Amherst College's campus map and driving directions.