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Russian Films at Amherst

 Welcome to the master list of Russian films at Amherst College. Most of these are held either in the collection of  the College's Frost Library or in the Russian Department Film Collection (RDFC), located on the second floor of Webster Hall, or both.  Please note that RDFC is primarily a reference and research collection; for all questions regarding films owned by the Russian Department, including usage policy and circulation, please contact Professor Boris Wolfson.   


Major Program

With Lectures, Books and Samovars, Center for Russian Culture Aims to keep U.S., Russia Ties Strong

Submitted on Monday, 6/16/2014, at 1:29 PM

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Whether it’s a lecture by an Amherst alumnus who’s a top authority on Russia or a reading of poems by leading Russian poets, the Center for Russian Culture at Amherst College has stuck to its mission despite sometimes chilly official relations between Russian and the United States.

“Our philosophy is to promote better understanding and establish more informed relations between the two countries,” said Stanley Rabinowitz, professor of Russian at Amherst and director of the Center.

That tradition continued on a recent Monday, with a lecture by Andrew Kuchins ’81, Director and Senior Fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Affairs in Washington, D.C.

Professor Catherine Ciepiela Publishes Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets

Submitted on Monday, 6/16/2014, at 4:13 PM

when trees write                                                                                                     если деревья пишут,
it’s to the white flowers                                                                                           то белым цветам,
that walked the garden                                                                                           что ходили по саду. 

when birds do                                                                                                         если птицы,
it’s of what can’t be sung                                                                                       о том, чего спеть нельзя.

lumps do not speak,                                                                                              комья не говорят,
in flowerpots                                                                                                           по цветочным горшкам
they have buried silence.                                                                                      зарыли молчание.

 —Anna Glazova                                                                                                              —Анна Глазова


The Epic and the Russian Novel

The Forgotten Composer

Professor of Russian Jane A. Taubman

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All scholars planning to visit the Amherst Center for Russian Culture or requesting access to books or manuscripts should contact the director, Professor Stanley J. Rabinowitz.