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Trans Resources on Campus

Amherst College embraces and celebrates all forms of diversity, including gender identity and expression. This website was developed to assist trans and gender non-conforming students as they navigate institutional structures on campus. This website will be updated as we gather more information about policies and practices in various departments. Please note that this is just a collection of existing policies on campus; the QRC does not necessarily endorse all of the policies and practices below.

Come Out and Play

By William Sweet

Photo by Kate Beemer ’15

[Student Life] “If you can swim, you can swim.”

“If you can row, you can row.”  

So begins a video that Amherst athletes and staff created last spring for the You Can Play Project, a national effort advocating respect for all collegiate athletes, regardless of sexual orientation. It offers a simple yet profound message: “Gay or straight, if you can play, you can play.”

LGBTQIA? "You Can Play" at Amherst

Submitted on Tuesday, 7/9/2013, at 11:57 AM

by William Sweet

Teamwork means sticking up for your teammates, putting aside distractions and disputes, and aiming for achievement. Amherst student-athletes understand this, so it’s no surprise that they have come out to declare that Amherst Athletics welcomes and celebrates its LGBTQIA athletes.

Amherst athletes and staff collaborated this semester to create a video for the You Can Play Project, a national effort advocating respect for all collegiate athletes, regardless of sexual orientation. It offers a simple yet profound message: If you can play, you can play.

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How Title IX Changed Everything

Sports Medicine

The Amherst College Sports Medicine Department is comprised of Athletic Trainers who specialize in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. Our staff includes Massachusetts Licensed, NATA Certified Athletic Trainers operating under the supervision of the Director of Health Services.

Tony Marx and Adam Falk

Tony Marx, president of Amherst College, and Adam Falk, president of Williams College, discuss the rivalry between the two colleges. President Falk was inaugurated in September 2010 as Williams’ 17th president, while President Marx announced in October that he is leaving Amherst in June 2011 to become president of the New York Public Library. This game marked eighth time the two teams had played each other since President Marx began his tenure at Amherst; it was the first for President Falk.

Allen Guttmann Wins Lifetime Achievement Award from International Society of Olympic Historians

October 2009

imageAmherst’s Allen Guttmann, professor of English and American studies, has been honored with a prestigious lifetime achievement award from the International Society of Olympic Historians (ISOH). During a special two-day meeting of the group in Cologne, Germany, in August, Guttmann delivered an address titled “Ludic Diffusion as Cultural Imperialism?” and received an honorary ISOH diploma as well as a bronze bust of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. “I was especially pleased to be able to begin my address by thanking, at some length, the European scholars whose work had inspired me and whose help had been indispensable,” said Guttmann. “I was quite moved that many of these scholars come to Cologne in order to be present at the ceremony.”

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program at Amherst College spans three seasons and offers members of the community an opportunity to participate and compete in sports. The program is open to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators of Amherst College. Unfortunately, it is not open to local residents, students of other colleges, or spouses, partners, and dependents of Amherst College students, faculty, staff, and administrators.