Ed Greaves succumbed to cancer on July 14, 2001. Ed lived a uniquely productive and purposeful life. A life  of dedication to his loved ones and chosen involvements, love for his fellow man and, perhaps most important, an underlying sense of perspective and humor, made everyone who knew him very proud of that friendship.

Alan Daus, 8/23/2000

Alan R. Daus '58

Alan R. Daus lost his life in the crash of a small plane
on August 23, 2000. The Cessna 180 with four people
aboard crashed in a remote area of the Alaska
Peninsula. Alan's wife, Ellen Feldman Daus, died the
next day before the rescue party could reach the
nearest hospital, from injuries sustained during the
crash. The pilot was also killed. The Dauses were on a
fishing expedition and were returning to the lodge at
which they had been staying, after a day of fishing at

James Atwood, 10/20/1998

James Foster Atwood ’58

Jim Atwood died peacefully on October 20, 1998 at
Wilder Residence East in St. Paul, MN, after a long
period of ill health.
Jim was born July 4, 1938 in Minneapolis to
George Winthrop Atwood and Katherine May Atwood
(Clark). He received his secondary education at the
Blake School in Minneapolis, from which he graduated
with distinction. Jim went on to Amherst along with
two other Blake School students, Lynn Truesdell and
Peter Van Dusen.
At Amherst, Jim majored in history and was active