Xtina Marie! :]

Well, apparently this is what I was like when I was 18 and I'm going to leave it up purely for the memory. But if you're seeing this now (aka in whatever future you're in) just remember this is so not me anymore.

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we may as well dance."
Statement to live by. :]

So my name is Christina Marie. I go by lots of different nicknames, including Xtina, Crispy, Chris, and so on. I can't wait to meet all of you, just so you know. And maybe you'll find something out about me from this. I'm maybe the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet, and I'm sorry in advance. I'm not like most girls, but I can't say I'm unique because none of us are. I have a huge vocabulary that most adults envy, and I feel like all of you are gonna have huge vocabularies too and that makes me happy. lol. I kind of use the same words all the time, such as ridiculous and lame and "blowin' it." I live in Florida, and I think it hasn't been the best experience ever, except that I met my best friend here, but we were both meant to live in the NE so we're coming back for college, her to Wesleyann, me to Amherst, duh. I'm pro-Obama (for now), pro-going green, pro-abortion, anti-oil. I'm terribly liberal, as you can see. I can't wait to have really cool discussions with all of you about politics and cools things like that. I love to dance and I will party with the best of them. I play softball and as of right now will be continuing at college. :] I love to go boating, and that's something I'll miss at Amherst. I'm prone to getting hurt, stitches and bruises and sprained ankes and torn cartilidge, but never a broken bone (knock on wood).  Robert Frost is kind of my favorite, it makes me really happy to be going to a school that he taught at. I love to listen to music and tan and read books and other such wonderful things and I'm always looking for people to do fun stuff with. My favorite bands ever include Taking Back Sunday, Dashbaord Confessional, Something Corporate, Yellowcard, Pitbull, Blue October, The Fray, and many many others. If you want, we can visit Boston and NY a lot on the weekends next year, I'm sooooo up for cool new adventures. My goal is to see a Red Sox-Yankee game at the new stadium soooooooon. And that's about it. You can contact me on Facebook - Christina A. in the Network West Palm Beach, FL. I would love to talk to all kinds of new people  before I get to campus!

We were born to be rebels. If we conform, we die."
-George Washington

Me and my best friend, who I couldn't live without.
That's me (with the glasses and hat) and my best friend. You'll probably see a lot of her around campus, even though she isn't an Amherst student. She'll be at my dorm a lot. :]
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