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Submitted on Wednesday, 5/20/2009, at 3:21 PM

Can't Afford College? Take off, eh!

At a time when many U.S families are finding they have fewer dollars than they expected to spend on higher education, the price of a Canadian undergraduate degree is looking attractive

Submitted on Wednesday, 5/20/2009, at 9:32 AM

Economy of Language

What gives with this link?

An amusing Q & A

Written in Haiku.

Submitted on Wednesday, 5/20/2009, at 9:32 AM

Shared Governance = Mutual Interest

In times of change, according to management expert Niko Canner, “leaders need to be catalysts for causing different interactions to take place,” to spur camaraderie and remind people in the community of their mutual interests.

Canner spoke to the Chronicle of Higher Education about the potential advantages that institutions with shared governance have in times of budgetary distress. (Like now.)

Submitted on Wednesday, 5/20/2009, at 9:33 AM

Can Liberal Arts Colleges Survive?

In an interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education, Brian C. Rosenberg, president of Macalester College, talks about the long-term economic viability of the traditional residential liberal arts college. His prognosis? "Guardedly optimistic."