Class of 1977

Submitted by Dean S. Banfield


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Amherst 1977 30th Reunion News

May 31 – June 1 2007

Phil de Picciotto
Reunion Chair

Tom Hollister
Andy Greenberg

Jim Vagourdes

Janice Saragoni
Food & Beverage

Don Judd

Andy Bohjalian

Dean Banfield

What? That shady friend of your uncle that loaned you money is looking for you? Your in-laws called and want to visit and you told them you’d be out of town at the end of May? Those kids insist on coming home from college, and you don’t think you’ll be able to re-adjust again? What better place to hide among friends, forget those responsibilities and catch up on some long overdue library fines.

That list of people you see on the left has been burning the midnight oil, shuffling old Jethro Tull, Stevie Wonder, Keith Jarrett and Monty Python tracks trying to channel 1973-77 and assemble a reunion that is at once fun, thoughtful, evocative and provocative. It’s a tall order, and when we’re done, I think Disney theme parks will be making a package offer for the team.

As they always say in the lottery business, you can’t win if you aren’t in. So, follow the links on the left and you’ll find everything you need to download, fill out and link to. You can never really prepare to see what 5 more years has done to each of us, but if you wear those Foster Grants, you should be able to pull off that ”I’ve still got it” confidence.