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(c)  Hagadorn, J. W., and Belt, E. S., 2008, Stranded in upstate New York:  Cambrian scyophmedusae from the Potsdam Sandstone:  Palaios, v. 23, n. 7, p. 424-441.
(d)  Belt, E. S., Heckel, P. H., Lentz, L. J., Bragonier, W. H., and Lyons, T. W., 2011: Record of glacial–eustatic sea-level fluctuations in complex middle to late Pennsylvanian facies in the Northern Appalachian Basin and relation to similar events in the Midcontinent basin.  Sedimentary Geology, v. 238, 79-100.
The online file with tracking references is <http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.sedgeo.2011.04.004>
family at retirement
Aggie, Em, Ed, Kilty, Emily, Jr., Anne at June 2002 retirement
Ed at Turner's Falls, April 2002
Turner's Falls student project section, April 2002.  Photo by Steve Sauter.
Lahti Butte
Lahti Butte, Harding Co., SD; photo by Kirk Johnson
Lahti clifface
Ophiomorpha Bed at Lahti Butte; photo by Kirk Johnson 2001.
Ophiomorpha is a marine burrow. These strata are Mid-Paleocene age. Lahti Butte, northwestern South Dakota; photo by Kirk Johnson, 2001. Scale on pick handle in 10-cm intervals.