The once every 2-year update...

Apparently I'm class president now, so I should put something up here.  Go Jeffs.  And if you managed to find this page, kudos to you for spending time surfing the Amherst website. 


Reunion 2011 - t minus 18 months

Shockingly, reunion is only 18 months away.  Ali and I have decided to pass our class secretary torches on -- we really enjoy the work, so much so that we think someone else should have the same joy of staying in touch with everyone and chronicling our whereabouts.  We would be honored to serve again in the future.  Contact Tom Slater if you're interested in picking up the ball starting in June 2011. 

Sailing Alumni Regatta!!

In case any sailors happen to stumble across this, the Sailing Team will host an Alumni Regatta during Homecoming 2009.


Sunday, October 25, 11 AM

Lake Arcadia (Belchertown)

Boats: FJs

Boats and gear (lifejackets and drysuits if needed) will be provided by the team, as well as crews or skippers if you don't bring one of your own (though family members or friends are welcome to sail with you if you prefer).  Racing will be informal, with the usual amount of trash talking.  If more than 10 teams sign up, we will have A and B divisions and will draw teams out of a hat.  There may be some fun prizes, and there will likely be a BBQ and beverages after sailing.  For more details, drop me a line at

Send us your notes!

I had forgotten this was up here, but then the e-mail blast came out with a link to the 2001 page (thanks to Jared for putting this together), and I realized that I should update this after two years or so. 


Please send in updates about yourself and your friends to for our reading pleasure.   It turns out that the class of 2001 in general has been doing a great job of having diverse class notes, in that we mention a higher percentage of classmates than most other classes.  We're very proud of that, but the truth of the matter is that percentage is still under 50% every two years, which means we could be doing a much better job. 


Hope everyone is doing well.



Is this thing on?

Submitted by W. Peter Beardsley

This new website is pretty crazy.  I'm not sure how to use all the features here yet but at least I know that my donations to the Annual Fund are being spent on something. 

If you have any updates for the class notes, post 'em here and/or send an email to so Ali and I can compile them into brilliant prose.  It's Ali's "turn" this time around since I will be getting married in 4 weeks -- right in the middle of the deadline for the class notes.  Pretty crafty.  I'm looking forward to the wedding and seeing a bunch of Amherst folks.  Life is good.   Keep those updates coming and it'll be even better.