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Fort Indiantown Gap to host live-fire exercises

8 min 43 sec ago

Fort Indiantown Gap will host live-fire mortar exercises June 2 and 3 and June 10; demolition training June 7-14; and 155-mm live-fire exercises using Paladins and Howitzers between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. from June 16 through June 28.

Car windows smashed, items stolen from Middlesex Twp. nursing home parking lot

16 min 5 sec ago
A string of recent vehicle break-ins seem to have targeted nursing home parking lots.

Silver Spring Township considers rezoning land next to Interstate 81

18 min 49 sec ago
The 76-acre tract is currently zoned "Rural"; the request is to rezone the property as "Interchange".

Check out these adorable Mallard ducklings: video

25 min 58 sec ago

We're two months into spring and look how much this year's brood of Mallard ducklings have already grown. Mallards lays eggs at the start of nesting season, which is around the beginning of spring. Eggs are incubated for about 28...

'We have not yet begun to fight' Harrisburg mayor says of latest gun lawsuit dispute over donor names

1 hour 12 min ago

The city of Harrisburg this week appealed a decision by the Office of Open Records to release a list of names of donors to the city's legal defense fund to fight gun lawsuits. An attorney who filed one of two lawsuits against the city is seeking the names.


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U.S. Removes Cuba From State-Sponsored Terrorism List

1 hour 6 min ago
The decision to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism is a crucial step in normalizing ties between Washington and Havana.

Sepp Blatter Re-elected as FIFA President

1 hour 12 min ago
Mr. Blatter emerged from a week of scandal by drawing 133 votes on the first ballot, just short of the two-thirds majority required. His challenger, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, then withdrew.

U.S. Economy Contracted 0.7% in First Quarter

1 hour 19 min ago
The revision downward, which was expected after a brutal winter, underscores the American economy’s seeming inability to generate much momentum.

Chinese Weapons Spotted on Disputed Island, U.S. Says

1 hour 44 min ago
Artillery vehicles were seen on an artificial island the Chinese are building in the South China Sea, amid tensions between China and it neighbors.

Minus Physical Evidence in Kayak Case, a Focus on Suspect’s Statements

2 hours 39 min ago
Legal experts say the incriminating statements from Angelika Graswald, who is accused of killing her fiancé, are both the case’s greatest strength and its weakness.