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Wawa going the extra mile to deliver: Shorties served right to your door

17 min 56 sec ago

Imagine, a signature Wawa Shorti sub served right to your door.

NFL, Roger Goodell call out Trump for lack of respect, failure to understand

57 min 4 sec ago

President Donald Trump said NFL players should be fired if they kneel during the national anthem.

Mad rush for 'Safe Return' in Harrisburg

15 min 13 sec ago

The clock is ticking today for all those with outstanding warrants to qualify for a so-called 'Safe Return' in Harrisburg.

New Orleans mayoral candidate caught masturbating during Uber ride

1 hour 45 min ago

An Uber driver discovered a passenger was masturbating during a ride through West Hollywood.

Man crashed manure spreader: Police

4 hours 19 sec ago

A combination rig was towing a manure spreader that was carrying about 6,000 gallons of "cargo," police said.