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Hope and faith: Easter messages from church leaders from around the region

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Here is a sampling of the Easter messages church leaders across the area will deliver this Easter Sunday.

Feds break up drug trafficing group that staged Harrisburg-area robbery-raid

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A drug trafficking group with ties to a Mexican cartel, based in Orlando, and which robbed a warehouse in Upper Allen Township was broken up by the DEA.

Superintendent claims Susquehanna Twp. School Board member talked about firing her in PennLive comments

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Bret Keisling -- a Harrisburg lawyer who represents school board member Mark Sussman in the now-withdrawn lawsuit against Kegerise -- says Sussman did not make those comments on PennLive.

Boy Scout Troop 51 annual Easter flower sale: Photo Gallery

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Boy Scout Troop 51 is holding its annual Easter flower sale at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Camp Hill.  The parking lot sale will last until dusk on Friday April 18, 2014, and will open again on Saturday, April 19th...

Dauhpin County Megan's Law offender arrested in North Carolina

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A Dauphin County man, wanted after he absconded from probation and parole supervision was arrested recently in Greenville, North Carolina.