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Russia Places Sanctions on Turkey

NYT > Home Page - 16 min 56 sec ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday called for sanctions against Turkey, following the downing this week by Turkey of a Russian warplane.

Transgender Argentines Confront Continued Murder and Discrimination

NYT > Home Page - 47 min 53 sec ago
Recent unsolved killings of transgender women have jolted Argentina, which has introduced some of the most liberal civil rights legislation in Latin America.

Obama’s Legacy at Stake in Paris Talks on Climate Accord

NYT > Home Page - 53 min 59 sec ago
Climate change has become a hallmark for President Obama’s second term, and potentially a signature achievement.

Obama Says ‘Enough is Enough’ After Colorado Shooting

NYT > Home Page - 1 hour 14 min ago
President Obama responded angrily Saturday to the mass shooting in Colorado Springs that took three lives, calling the country’s recurring outbreak of gun violence “not normal.”

With Diversity Comes Intensity in Amherst Free Speech Debate

NYT > Home Page - 1 hour 48 min ago
Minority students at Amherst, like campus activists elsewhere, have made demands of administrators, and were met with not only sympathy, but criticism that they sought to stifle free speech and intellectual dissent.