What's New

Submitted by Ethan D. Clotfelter

WHAT'S NEW (last updated 5/16/07)

4/07: A big congratulations to Elizabeth Kuperberg, who will be starting her Ph.D. work in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell this fall. We'll miss you, Elizabeth!

4/07: Welcome to the newest members of the Clotfelter Lab. Susan Lin and Karina Zaveri will be conducting honors thesis research in the lab, while Shaylon Stolk and Natalie Ferraiolo have signed on as HHMI summer research fellows. Welcome to all!

3/07: Congrats to Ankur Gupta, honorary former lab member, for his acceptance to Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine where, ironically, he will join former lab member Caleb Murphy.

2/07: Several papers from the lab came out recently, including papers co-authored by students Elizabeth Kuperberg (Brain, Behavior and Evolution) and Jon Perez (Journal of Field Ornithology). The lab also had recent papers in Behavioral Ecology and Ethology on tree swallows and juncos, respectively.