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Amherst College: Beneski Museum of Natural History (2)

New Exhibition On View

Friday, 2/13/2015, at 2:28 PM
Then & Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape
On view through April 19, 2015

Top: McCall Glacier, 1973, photographed by Dennis Trabant; Bottom: McCall Glacier, 2007, photographed by Ken Tape

Large-format photographs hang on two floors of the Beneski Museum, offering “before-and-after” views of Alaska's Arctic by placing decades-old photos alongside contemporary images taken from the same vantage points. The exhibition also includes a series of thought provoking quote panels and media presentations, providing visitors with an understanding of the deep cultural connection that Arctic indigenous residents have to this fragile land. Read More»

Beneski Museum of Natural History

Friday, 8/16/2013, at 10:24 AM