Jonathan Wemette '05

Wemette, Jonathan C. (1)

'Tis Wondrous Strange

Submitted by Jonathan C. Wemette
Hmm... This new fake planworld is strange. I might post something more once I've decided it's not going to accidentally impregnate me or something.

Isaiah Tanenbaum '05

Matt Peverill '07

Peverill, Matthew R. (1)

Some links

I don't actually have any intention of maintaining this thing. It's just too cumbersome for someone who is used to typing web pages as code.There's a few other places you can try:

My actual home page (which is way out of date). Also try my plan (You need to be logged in).


Also note that I can make articles without attribution, because I'm cooler than you.

Maryna Gray '05

Gray, Maryna E. (1)


Submitted by Maryna E. Gray

Hello, you've reached yet another useless information source about Maryna! I use the word "useless" because everything you want to know about me (plus a bunch of stuff I'm sure you *don't*) is on planworld, username megray. I can't see any reason you'd find this page on your own, though, and I don't plan on linking it, really, but whatever. Since bananas will apparently be extinct in 10 years, I'm going to go eat one now...

Lars Asbornsen

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