Merril higher res

I am biophysicist-in-residence at the Amherst College Physics Department, which is located in the Merrill Science Center.  My office is Merrill 118 (red arrow on figure, Google map or campus map).  My official contact information is elsewhere; this is my personal webpage.  Research-related links are on the left.

My guaranteed office hours are Monday 2-3 and Friday 11-12.  Any other time is hit or miss, but if my door is open – and I'm not actively talking to someone – I'm fair game for questions.

Phys-16: Mechanics and Wave Motion

This is not the Physics 16 course page: it's over here.  Physics-related tidbits that use to be on the Physics 16 course page have been moved, though the course page still has some stubs of links

FYSE-24: Bad Science

This is not the Bad Science class website either.  That one's here.

Phys-30: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

This is also not the webpage for Physics 30, which is actually here