THDA poster template samples

Template Sample 1:  templateB_johnny
Template Sample 2 [landscape]:  
I used images from google image search. The "template elements" that will stay constant are the border and the box with "Amherst College Department of Theater and Dance presents". The way the title, date, location and & other text about the play is integrated will be up to each production's poster designer. 
Another idea I had to make the template a little more modular is to have the option of putting an adverb in the title box for any given production:
Like, maybe my thesis's poster says "AC dept of Thda proudly presents" and another one says "humbly presents" and another one says "enthusiastically presents" and another one just says "presents" and so one. Sound good, geeks?
EDIT: Possible slogan: "A season of new works"

Brochure / Calendar draft

For distribution around the department.

Ben, Ian, Javi, Meesh, think about what your "blurb" might be (though I think your directors will have final say).

@faculty-staff, please check out the final version I emailed you.