Alexandra Getz Escudero

Submitted by Alex Escudero

Alexandra Getz Escudero '82

How wonderful to think back on that first time we were together at Tuttle Farm. Playing frisbee, gazing at the mountains, stuffing our faces. Living in South, those ancient heaters kept us all awake when they came alive. It was very different living in a mixed class dorm than from my pals in Stearns and James who were mostly with classmates.

It seemed like still very much a male college. The mom of an upper classman I hung out with complained that I took the spot of her Petey's buddies. And of course, all the bathrooms had urinals.

Looking back, I realize that Amherst represents perhaps the darkest years of my life. The college is not to blame for this... and it's great to think of the happy moments. Like skydiving with Dave Horton and studying in the math building with Peter Kleidman or in the biology building with Scott Swanson. Sharing rooms in Valentine with Madeline, Michelle and Helen. Getting first pick of any room on campus as a junior.

It was a large room in Milliken with floor to ceiling windows on three sides, overlooking the soccer fields and the mountains. One day a helicopter landed right outside: Tom Wyman up from NYC to see a football game. Did I mention that I was the only female in the dorm? That was actually not always so great. Two guys from Greece had archaic views on women...

Coach Morgan never ever let me play in a soccer game but I enjoyed watching the star of our team, she had a great left foot. In terms of campus jobs I lucked out: security guard in the art gallery and Spanish teaching assistant. One final note: the vegetarianism I acquired at Amherst lasted 20 years. There's lots to be grateful for.

Best wishes to all. - Alex