I am Matthew Dennett Fernald, the third in the line of great Fernalds to attend this great college in the town Amherst of the state of Taxa - sorry, Massachusetts. My middle name can be seen on large, green signs for "Dennett Rd" if one is driving on I-95 across the bridge into Maine. In my remarkably uninformed opinion, Billy Joel is the greatest songwriter ever to have lived. I support the BoSox and Patriots and Roger Federer, though the latter is having a notably bad year so far. My hair is the color of milk chocolate, my skin the color of a peanut. I highly recommend the video (found easily on YouTube) called "The Last Lecture", featuring Randy Pausche, God rest his soul. I am sort of a Christian, I am bilingual (Spanish and English) but am not Hispanic, I can sing "If You're Happy and you Know It" in three languages (for now), I like to play the piano, and I like to pretend that I'm amazing when in reality I should be living in a state of constant amazement. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and have parents that take care of me in a way that no normal, imperfect person could ever deserve to have. I have a wonderful younger sister named Katie and I graduated on June 21st, 2008, from a public school in Peterborough, NH called Conval Regional High School. I was 11th in my class of 255-ish, I took Calculus and Physics and whatnot, I keep a journal on my computer (A white MacBook, received as a graduation gift from a collection of nine aunts and uncles on my mother's side), I am a Democrat and I voted for Obama, but I receive daily news alerts form both the Washington and New York Times. I think Rush Limbaugh is a monstrous jackass, though I respect his intelligence.

My birthday is February 23rd, 1990, my e-mail address is matt.fernald@gmail.com and my social security number is 051-34-7132. I just made that number up.

I deferred for a year and have some possibly interesting stories to tell about working at Walt Disney World, living in Ecuador, and all but mastering Wii Tennis in my aunt and uncle's house in Potomac, MD.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and our other classmates in August. Write me something!