The Gilhulys in Kauai

Submitted by Morgan Gilhuly
This photo, from August 2006, is pretty much the last time my family was all together on vacation. Monique, my wife, is on the left. Monique is a public health consultant; she spends a lot of time working for the state and doing strategic planning for non-profits. Next to her is my oldest son, Devin, who is now a junior at Bucknell, studying Biology and having a lot of fun. Liza, 16 is in the middle. She is a senior, doing well in high school, and working out all the time (like her mom). She spent the summer in Ghana with AFS. Miles is next to me. Miles is a freshman, also at Bucknell. He spends most of his time in the water, playing water polo, which is how he ended up at the same school as his brother (no, that wasn't the plan). The old guy on the right is me, wearing my summer uniform, just happy to be part of this group.