The no one's allowed to play while David's away list:


Each week we meet and run through who's been working on what, how progress is going, try to address any challenges that have arisen, and negotiate on who is taking which pieces next. Our work is mostly captured in a combination of the help desk tickets assigned to the developers, the project pages in the CMS for the major projects, and for the D7 project, in a google Doc mentioned below, which I've shared with you. I've also added you to the meeting invite for those meetings.

Chip has agreed to help keep our documentation/project spaces up to date, and to capture meeting minutes.

Anita has agreed to take on my 'canary in the coal mine' role, and will escalate any issues she feels the department needs help with.

Help Desk Tickets:

CMS project pages

They're here.

Major projects

  • D7 migration, Week of Jan 14th rollout target:
    • Project page is here. Probably too dense to be of immediate use, but anyone in the department can help with context for the things in there.
    • I've shared this google doc with Gayle and the rest of the department. It has the major pieces of work that need to be done in it. Chip will maintain this in my absence.
    • Anita will make you aware of any issues that put the migration schedule at risk. Right now (Nov 16th) we feel ok about our timelines.
    • Template/theming work requires help from Willa/PA. She knows of this, someone will have to help keep her eye on the ball here though.
    • ATS has a number of modules they need to port over to D7 - we've touched base with them periodically and they had confidence this would be ready by January, but someone should check in with them after Thanksgiving.
    • If it can be managed politically, pulling Chip off of 5C work for a week or two would be fabulous - he can help in many contexts with the D7 work, including some projects we initially assigned to him which he has been unable to turn his attention to.
    • We have a local dev shop, LeftClick, doing some work for us to help move things along. Before I left for leave, we got the ball rolling with Dining Services Menu items, and we have reunion registration/payment in the queue for when they finish that. We're also prepared to send them the 5 college request system next. Dan's the communication conduit for most of this - Anita has the payment/reunion piece. Someone will have to help get the bills paid. Anita knows she should contact Carol re: this.
  • Five Colleges website
    • Maria has produced a preliminary list of all the things she hopes to see happen over the next 3 months. Chip is going to meet with them to help them get context on a number of those pieces. The list has not yet been prioritized. Chip felt he already has ~month's worth of work just in help desk tickets already assigned to him, but he and Maria will flesh this out. If I'm here for next week's meeting, I'll be helping (thursdays, 10AM, my office). I sent the meeting request to Gayle and John in the hopes one of them will attend in my absence.
  • Digital signage for the library
    • This is about to enter into beta. There's a meeting Nov 28th to go over this and get the library started with testing. The system is still missing components they are expecting. Dan and Willa are working on some of them:
      • the event content type needs to have a file attachment added
      • Dan's working on a scheme to allow some method of showing 'n' events serially on the signs.
      • Willa is still refining the theme
      • It's missing a feature they want, which is control over RSS feed items (show 'n' number of items from this feed). They've agreed to wait until January/February for this.

Minor projects (some could grow in scope)

  • Emily Dickinson Museum would like a content slider - this would require work from WSG and Willa. No time has been spent on this. In theory we should be able to pickup something vanilla from drupal contrib for them, and Willa can then theme that. Someone would need to investigate options
  • Advancement is in the midst of negotiations with the Comptroller and Cybersource, a payment vendor, to replace our existing payment processor. They know they need to wait until January to begin work on this. It may be the case that circumstances intervene. Someone will also need to follow up with the theater at the point that the new processor is in place.
  • Willa wants to make changes to how search works on the site (ticket 41998). I can't take time away from D7 for that, unless time ends up permitting. I don't agree with what's proposed in the ticket, for what it's worth. I think there should be a text entry area and a default behavior of 'search the site' in lieue of what we have now, perhaps with a drop down to modify what is being searched.
  • There is an unresolved issue having to do with tagging of users, nominally with a CEP mandate to proceed. This bears discussion with the CEP before going forward. It also mimics features the students and Advancement have asked for over the years.
  • Our Google search contract may come due while I am away. John Manly will have to assist. Anita will be able to fill everyone in if this becomes an issue.