Drupal 7 migration communication and training



Reach out to ADC's, preferably show them the new tools at one of the meetings Margaret pulls together once a semester.

Make announcement on myamherst page, IT page, see if PA will put something into their various channels.


Margaret, Bob, helpdesk

  • Everything
  • No really, everything ;-)
  • (Bob is a great resource here if time is available)
  • webform
  • calendar
  • myamherst
  • creation, editing, deletion of each content type

Willa/Public Affairs

  • Everything
  • No really, everything ;-)
  • Multimedia search


  • My joke is getting old. You get it
  • course guides
  • study guides
  • digital signage
  • ereserves
  • Library hours tool
  • library search tools/widget


Registrar, Nancy Ratner

  • courselists, facultylists, curriculum view on dept sites
  • course catalog data entry, reports
  • course catalog export
  • course catalog rollover
  • course catalog non-curricular data
  • booklists
  • course scheduler

Dean of Students (Torin and Karen)

  • Room Draw
  • Study abroad


  • Everything. But especially
  • courselists, facultylists, faculty cv pages, curriculum view
  • course eval webforms and webforms in general
  • booklists
  • course catalog editing

APP, AdvancementIS

  • profile
  • profile search
  • giving
  • reporting from us to them (log stuff jim wrote, anything tied to financial transactions)
  • class year pages
  • book club
  • trustee election tool
  • diff server
  • reunion registration
  • Blog
  • reunion schedule (also needs a responsive design/works on mobile look)
  • signups