For Jay Dansand - quicklook at media insertion in MM

First, the user chooses to insert an image from within tinymce:


The user now uses the media insertion tool. Key is below:



  1. By default when entering the media insertion tool, you are set at the level you are currently working on (ie if you were working on the dean of faculty website, and want to insert an image into an article, the media insertion tool will start you at the dean of faculty site. This button is effectively the home button taking you to the top of the tree
  2. Every user has home webspace in our implementation, including a publicly readable file uploads directory. This button takes you there
  3. Working on a complex content authoring task taking you many places? This button brings you to the last place you were working in the media insertion tool
  4. This contains both programatically derived bookmarks and bookmarks added by the user. Programatic ones include things like user's course websites, home directories, class year websites, etc. Users can then add links to places they often have to work in.
  5. The tree browser/file explorer
  6. The preview window which shows a preview of binaries contained at the location of the tree you're currently working. You select objects from this view
Inserted media objects appear in the body of the node being worked on within tinymce, and depending on the mime type styles or presentation tools (swf player etc) automatically appear, or the user can apply styles (ie image right/center/left align and so on). eg: