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The First Official Sentence of Lesteranian (Not yet officially Approved by HRH the Duke)

Lingitiaz, sotak maniazenn tebidaticazenn seurèmiasazum infotatiasien codifirpour et décodifirpour. Dastâf, lingitiaz et lingitiage, devenésontak doshinozenn étudiosozum (“logos”) grammateurougeparr ancienicougeparr, soyuwos, avosésotok bekutogien dinyudiogium. Peuvias utiliriasum youyanosien, originougiotok tempsozøtt shikyanicosøtt jâyinicosøtt, jatiniagiâss lingitiasagium utilontakicagiâss commenciasâtt écritiasasum.


Sosatokeut Lesterenn !!!

Hi, My name is Lester Hu; in fact, my legal first name is Zhuqing, a Chinese word from a 7-century poem which means "a lonely island surrounded by clear water in a lake." Lester is a name that I have randomly picked up as my English name when I was 12 I guess.

I have given myself a title, which is Duc de L'Île de Lesteur, French for "the Duke of the Lesteranian Island." I used to play the game Simcity, and have built various versions of the capital of this Dukedom, Lestinnesbourg. I am also inventing my own language, Lesteranian (or "tinngios lêsterrénicos"), and I am currently working on its grammar code (Lêsterréniosum shaynndicos Dinludios grammaticos) and the vocabulary code (Dinludos vocabularicos). I guess I will have finished this language by the end of my 4 years in college, and I expect many learners of Lesteranian in Amherst.

I was born in Beijing, China, and lived there for 18 years before coming to the U.S. Historically, my ancestry might be the Huns who were living in currently-day Mongolia two thousand years ago, since my family name "Hu", the same to the current President of China, means "barbaric" and "vandalic" in Chinese. That's why I basically dislike the movie Mulan. I went to public schools in China, and all courses were given in English. I began to think about coming to U.S. for college when I entered my high school, Beijing High School No.4, one of the most prominent in China. I studied SATs and APs by myself in my second year (there are only 3 years in Chinese high schools), and got admitted by Amherst College in early decision - I have been loving this place since 2007~!

I have a number of academic interests. In November 2009 I become a French major, because I love this language so much, partly because of its nearly perfect grammar, partly because of French literature and culture. I have specific interests in 18 century France, especially the mistresses and the queens, Versailles, the operas, the Republic of Letters, etc. I am also crazy about history, especially medieval European history; unfortunately we are not having a medievalist in the History Department until next academic year (><). I also have interests in other humanities and social sciences, especially Political Science; my interests are in political philosophy and comparative politics. Another interests include law, religion, philosophy, etc.

I am also having a growing interests in arts/art history, and music. Actually, I have long been an opera fan, especially Mozart's operas. My favorite opera is Die Entführung aus dem Serail, though I admit the music of Le Nozze di Figaro might be better. I love to listen to operas and analyze their libretti, and in the future I might be able to analyze the music I guess. I love singing, too. I sing in Amherst Glee Club as a baritone, and I love the Glee Club as a group of dedicated singers and crazy college kids. Well I used to dream of singing in churches and in operas, yet this is rather difficult I guess.

And to say something radical, I love castrato music; the voice of castrati is fabulous, isn't it?

In daily life, I love eating very, very ,very, very, very much. I'd like to eat (or, devour) until I cannot, even if it's in Val. My favorite foods are Sushi, Sashimi, Oysters with durian, and Peking Duck. My mom cooks good soup (especially her special "Dazhu Gansi", boiled shredded dry tofu with shredded pork, bamboo, and shrimps, chicken, etc.),while my dad's good at cooking ribs and pork (which are inherited from my grandpa); my grandma loves cooking chicken wings, eggplant sandwich (fried eggplant with meat stuffings), and all sorts of homey dishes. In Beijing, you can get all sorts of food in a very very cheep price; for example, a pretty decent pizza buffet in Beijing is like 7US$, while a terrific Japanese buffet (sushi, sashimi, everything) is like less than 20US$. That's why I love Beijing so much.

I love museums. In Beijing, the only thing that I do when hanging out with friends is to eat and spend the whole day time in ONE or TWO museums. For example,  I have been to the "Palace Museum", commonly known as the Forbidden City in Beijing for 8 times, and for most of the times I went in at 8:30 (open) and out at 5:00 p.m. (close). I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York very much, and think that it is a terrific place to work in the future. I love to work in museums, since its a site to share knowledge with everyone, and learn from everyone. That's why I am currently working in both of the two museums on campus: the Mead Art Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

I guess this is too long for a brief introduction, and let me end this introduction with a song that I have been listening to all these days (I am currently spending my winter break in Amherst, in solitude and hunger...)

Music is here:


(According to me, this version's Lacrimosa is too fast)

Confutatis maledictis
Flammis acribus addictis,
Voca me cum benedictis.
Oro supplex et acclinis,
Cor contritum quasi cinis,
Gere curam mei finis.

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus,
Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona eis requiem. 

P.S. I am the only Lester in Amherst since the 1970s!

My currently most confident photograph