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Let me tell you a bit about my socialization experience in this world.

I've been leaving in the States for about ten years now; however, I grew up in a family of four in the middle of chickens, ducks, pigs, cows and horses; fruit and vegetable plantations in a farm in the South western region of Colombia , South America. There, I went to a boys' elementary school. At the age of eleven, I moved to Palmira, a larger city in the same state –Valle del Cauca (The Cauca River’s Valley state), where I completed my first two years of middle school in a vocational boys' school too. Then I moved 20 minutes south to the States’ capital city –Santiago de Cali . That’s the city that I call home now.

In Cali, I struggled to finish my secondary education in a coed high school, had my first paid jobs such as door-to-door selling newspapers and paintings, and learned to love the afro-Latin rhythms of salsa, son, merengue, guajira, and cumbia, among others. Over there, I also had my first experience in the adult labor force, actually the over exploited labor world of maquilladoras working ten hours for less than two dollars a day. Almost two years after finishing high school, I was accepted into the only public university in my state- Universidad del valle . It took me five intense years between a full time job and my course work to earn my B.A in foreign Language education. That’s the reason why I’m first, writing this text in English and second, why I ended up moving to this country.