Willa W. Jarnagin

Willa W. Jarnagin

Director of Web Design & Communications Services

Amherst College homepage shown on a mobile phone

As a web developer and digital designer, I contribute to many aspects of Amherst’s digital presence—from web design and content strategy to promotional graphics and more.  

Working with IT’s Web Services team, I specialize in CSS and UI/UX design. For departments, I provide a variety of web support, including assistance with visual design, content flow, usability, accessibility, and search engine optimization. Additionally, I build custom WordPress sites (see The Common and Hidden Drives). 

I also have a background in graphic design and illustration, and can create graphics for your department or project.  

Contact me with requests related to College websites, graphics of any kind, or Amherst’s Visual Identity Toolkit. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Samples from the Design Team

See some of the work of the Communications design team: 

Amherst’s Visual Identity: Official Logos & More

An Introduction to Amherst’s Visual Identity

January 2024

Willa Jarnagin, of the Communications design team, introduces the Amherst College Visual Identity Toolkit, explaining why it’s important to use our branding assets and how you can access them.

Visual indentity pieces, including a mammoth logo, the college wordmark, and a color chart

Visual Identity Toolkit

Find official Amherst College logos, colors, and more — as well as instructions for use — in our Visual Identity Toolkit. And browse a library of Amherst photos.

College Row buildings under a starry sky and crescent moon

Mammoth Graphics & More

See some of the graphics I’ve created for Amherst.